Project freight management is one of Altron expertise , focusing predominantly on industries related to Oil, Gas & Energy, Marine, Power Generation, Mining & Metals, Construction and Infrastructure projects

We offer our clients a seamless portfolio of support services from initial planning stage and budgetary phase to the final delivery and facility start up.

Altron projects are generally managed as follows:
  • Create a mutually acceptable project team designed to most effectively handle a client’s requirements, including an international team if required
  • Undertake feasibility studies for heavy-lift, over-dimensional and/or critical items for the project.
  • Perform route surveys to ensure that the best concepts for the project as they relate to cost, performance and safety, are proposed, implemented and realized
  • Perform risk assessments to ensure all planned and unplanned factors are considered and potential risks are identified
  • Ensure operational excellence during the execution of the project
  • Collaboration with a team of professional cargo handlers to position your oversized cargos onto suitable equipments & vessels
  • Base on the size & weight of cargo, Altron will propose a suitable vessel options being required base on customers budget and shipment dateline