Export LCL Service

As a licensed NVOCC consolidator
Our specialization in ocean freight consolidation services enable you to transport your LCL cargos to your preferred port of discharge and inland points within the region.
With our regular weekly consolidation to Intra Asia , China & India, you can optimize transportation costs by utilizing variable rates based on the volume of cargo, even if the shipment is less than a container load.
NVOCC team ensures load optimization, minimize handling interruptions and provide greater care for cargoes. Through this arrangement, our customer can expect reduction in processing time and ultimately cost savings.
At ALTRON, we pride ourselves on the quality of our people, our partners and, above all, our abilities to understand our customers’ needs

Import LCL Service

Through exclusive partnerships with more than 20 agencies around the world, We perform regular weekly consolidation to Intra Asia , China & India to singapore
We are able to route LCL cargos from most destination ports into Singapore safeguarding local Singapore consignee of high landing costs and ensuring cargos are well monitored and in good condition.

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